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Sales, marketing, web, and product data all in one place so you have the insights you need to grow

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The marketing analytics tool built for you

Not an expert on data analysis? We have you covered

One Single Dashboard

An always up-to-date view to know how you're doing on your sales, marketing, and website

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Digital marketing report dashboard

Personalized Alerts

Sleep well knowing personalized alerts will let you know if something is going wrong

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Digital marketing report dashboard alerts

Your Own Analyst

Get insights and recommendations on how to grow with an AI marketing analyst that analyzes your data

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Digital marketing AI tool assistant

How we can help

Growing a business is hard, that's why we're here to help

5-10 weekly hours

saved on analysis time

+15% profit on ad spend

from improved budget allocation

+1 good night's sleep

knowing your business is running smoothly

Here's how you can use it

For every step of your journey we can give pointers on what to do next

Digital marketing tool budget allocation
Best & Worst Performers

See which products, campaigns, creatives, and webpages are working, and which aren't...

Digital marketing insights and trends

Put your marketing dollars to work where they can have the most impact

Digital marketing analytics

Tackle your most complex questions and get the answer in minutes not days

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Insights from across platforms

No more switching between platforms, spreadsheets, and tools. Everything you need in one place.

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